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RSPCA and Neutering at Six Weeks


  RSPCA Shock Admission

Would you even consider neutering this puppy? Stan Rawlinson with Six week old puppy
He is just six weeks of age. The RSPCA do and apparently believe it is ethically and morally OK to do so.

As do some breeders, rescue centres and many vets. I wish they would all just live by a simple code "First Do No Harm"

I wonder if they have any idea why these puppies are born with three essential hormones. Progesterone, Oestrogen and Testosterone.

Do they imagine those hormones are surplus to requirements, when they are tinkering with nature at such a young age?

It beggars belief that any organisation. Never mind a one with a royal appointment, could ever consider removing these little pups from their mother and put them through a major operation at such an important and tender age.

A recent study and paper outlines the major problems that are caused by removing puppies from a litter too early. Click Here It shows that it causes major behavioural problem.

That is not to mention the trauma of an operation, and the major physical and behavioural problems neutering before maturity causes. You may wish to read this article I wrote Click Here

I believe these actions contravene the Animal Welfare Act of 2007. The RSPCA along with other organisations were to some extent instrumental in the inclusion of the “duty of care” part of that legislation.

The bill, possibly the most important legislative move on captive and domestic animals since the Protection of Animals Act of 1911, came into effect on 6th April 2007. It makes owners and keepers responsible for ensuring that the welfare needs of their animals are met. These requirements include the following:
The need:

  1. 1. For a suitable environment (place to live)

  2. 2. For a suitable diet

  3. 3. To exhibit normal behaviour patterns

  4. 4. To be housed with, or apart from, other animals (if applicable)

  5. 5. To be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease

It is my intention to start up a petition with signatories to stop this deplorable practice. Please watch this space

Stan Rawlinson  August 2011